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ADN is a fast-paced,
Collaborative, and creative Marketing agency

ADN Marketing is an independent and specialized branding agency based in Vancouver, Canada, with clients all over the world, with a non-traditional perspective. We provide all of the services that marketing consultants, advertising agencies, and branding agencies deliver under one roof.


Content Marketing

We analyze the channels your brand uses and develop customized digital marketing strategies across each one. Once a strategy is in place, our team goes to work creating ongoing content for your brand. We use blog posts, newsletters, press releases, photography, and other interactive elements such as video to create a comprehensive brand experience.

PPC Campaigns

During effective campaigns, the end user has to come first. Our team works with clients to develop integrated marketing campaigns that are designed, executed, and managed under one roof. Our teams work to find the channels, markets, and messaging that make the most sense for both the brand and the user.

Social Media Management

Social media is quickly becoming a crucial engagement channel for both B2B and B2C brands. It’s also opening up the playing field for brands and giving them a chance to interact with their audiences in ways that were previously unavailable. But standing out on crowded platforms takes strategy, creativity, and resources. We can help. Don´t Worry.


In this process our goal is to optimize your website's technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.

Email Marketing

We use email within our marketing efforts to promote your products and services, as well as incentivize customer loyalty. Email marketing is the form of marketing that can make your customers aware of new products, discounts, and other services.

Content Writing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. This approach establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind when it's time to buy what you sell.

We have a proffesional team

Our team members are:

  • Detail-oriented. We are thorough, accurate, organized, and productive. We know that attention to detail can’t be rushed. We never send an unpolished project out the door.

  • Problem solvers. We view obstacles as opportunities to grow, learn, and flex our creativity. We are critical thinkers, outside-the-box creators, and skilled researchers. ”Impossible” isn’t in our vocabulary.

  • Process-driven. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We don’t do things just because “that’s how they’ve always been done.” We’re perpetually creating new processes and finding ways to work more efficiently.

  • Self-Motivated. We are self-motivated and results-oriented. We don’t shy away from late nights or extra hours; we always do what it takes to get the job done.

  • Flexible. We can adjust on the fly, especially with a tight deadline. We are adaptable. We are skilled at finding the tools we need to get the job done .

  • Team Players. We are skilled communicators. We are approachable, open, and collaborative. We believe in achieving more together as a team than as individuals.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency.

In order to stay top-of-mind, today’s brands need strategic, integrated marketing campaigns. ADN’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing helps brands meet their audiences where they’re already spending time through content marketing, social media outreach, and paid ad campaigns.


We are a Storytelling Agency

Every brand has a story. But there are moments in a brand’s life cycle when an all new story can be told.-when perceptions can be shaped for the benefit of the brand. At these moments, we must craft a new brand story.

What is a Brand Story? The brand story will reveal the brand’s overall intent. What you do. For whom you do it. How you do it uniquely. And importantly will deliver the tone and the manner for the brand. In sum, this brand story will define your brand for all constituencies, both internally and externally. And the brand story will communicate a feeling about the brand that should elicit an emotional response from the target. Do you want them to feel inspired? Do you want them to take action? Do you want them to feel joy? The brand story will deliver your brand to the world. As a brand storytelling agency, we can build the platform, the tactics, and the content to continually deliver a compelling brand experience to the marketplace.


Brand Naming Services

Everyone can agree that a brand name, the name “on the door,” is one of the most important elements of any brand. But unfortunately, anyone that’s gone through a brand naming process in the last 10 years knows that as much fun as the initial brainstorm is, it quickly becomes challenging and frustrating when you try to secure a trademark or a URL.


Brand Design

ADN´s graphic designers approach brand design projects as puzzles to be solved. We know that the choices we make around structure, usability, typography, and color will shape how people view and react to your brand. Whether we’re designing better user experiences, product packaging, or the products themselves, our experienced brand and graphic designers are ready to help.


Logo Design

A well-designed logo is like your brand’s fingerprint—seemingly small, but monumentally important. It should be instantly recognizable and unshakably memorable. At DNA, our logo designers get to the heart of your brand to create logos that truly represent who you are, what you stand for, and why your audience loves you.


Brand Advertising

Not everyone has the budget to get their message out via a multimillion dollar campaign. In fact, few do. For the rest of us, the key is to run smart advertising that gets in front of the right audience at the right time.
That’s why, as a media advertising agency we take a strategic approach to advertising, spending as much time on the concept and message as we do on making sure it’s beautiful. And from concept to development, we ensure alignment with your team at each step.
We take an equally rigorous approach to advertising and media planning. Today’s consumers are busier and more distracted than ever, so thoughtful media strategy planning is a crucial step to ensuring that your message is seen, heard, and absorbed by the right person.


Brand Design and Identity

At DNA, as always, we start with the brand strategy. But when working through a brand design, we also will conduct a purpose-designed work session to review brand identities, in your category and outside of it. Do you like the way Nike goes to market or Adidas? Mercedes-Benz or Audi? Apple or Microsoft? This discussion will provide meaningful insight that will help to assess your sensibilities, ensuring that we deliver a brand design that not only is on strategy but that feels right for you. As a brand design agency, we start with the logo design and flesh out the full brand identity – including graphic elements, imagery style, and more, and capture it in a style guide that defines the rules for how to use it all in your brand activation.


Customer Journey Mapping

Our customer journey mapping service begins with your target and with the understanding that different target segments will have different customer journeys. Through primary and/or secondary research, we’ll develop a detailed understanding of each segment’s customer journey, and we’ll capture the learning in a detailed customer journey map. Then, we’ll reconcile the experience map with your own marketing. Where along the journey do you reach them? Which touchpoints do you prioritize? And of course, we’ll help identify the gaps. We’ll work together with you to assess, optimize, and refine the customer journey, identifying the highest priority touchpoints and aligning your marketing to the journey in a way that will have the greatest impact on purchase.


Brand Strategy

An organization’s brand strategy is a set of words and phrases that together formally articulate the core essence of your brand. It should be inclusive of your history and your future, your products and your services, your customers and your prospects, the attributes of your brand, your place in the marketplace, and, importantly, how you bring it all together uniquely. In order to capture and articulate this all succinctly, we must dig in. Deeply and thoroughly. Internally and externally. The process can’t be avoided, and the effort can’t be minimized. As a brand strategy agency, we take this process as seriously as the brand demands because only this form of rigorous brand development will yield the most authentic brand strategy. And this is the only kind of brand strategy we deliver. We’ll deliver all of the formal brand strategy components including the value proposition, positioning statement, brand idea, and brand story. But also, as part of our brand strategy services, we include brand architecture. This brand strategy component can organize your company in a way that helps constituents understand you and makes you more appealing.


Brand Experience

We believe that The Brand Experience is the Brand, meaning that a brand is the aggregate of all the interactions a customer has with that brand. As a brand experience agency, we help brands define their brand experience, and we audit, analyze, align, and implement all of its online and offline touchpoints in order to create more intuitive, meaningful, and productive consumer engagement. The common denominator in any brand experience is feeling – how do you feel when you interact with a brand? Whatever the right answer for your brand, the feeling must be consistent across all touchpoints. Whether seeing an ad, visiting your website, communicating with customer service, or interacting with the product or service, all touchpoints and their components should feel the same. We have the brand strategy fundamentals and the brand experience agency expertise to drive your brand to the next level.


Web Design

Your website is the cornerstone of your digital brand experience. A well-designed website can be your top-performing sales channel, your public-facing portfolio, and an effective way to tell your brand’s story. But most importantly, it’s often the first impression you’ll make on a potential customer. Our web design capabilities are flexible, scaleable, and built around a deep understanding of your audience’s needs (and how your brand solves them).